Caron Family Photo Album

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Pierre Caron
Pierre Caron circa 1931.
Carons 1931
The Carons of Bouchette - 1931
(l-r) Domathilde Lariviere Caron,
Blanche Caron (at door), Edgar (baby), Theophile, Pierre Caron,
Edda Gascon Caron.

Theo Early
Theophile Caron as a young man.
It should be pointed out that a
blond, blue-eyed French man is a rarity!

Blanche Caron Jan 1929
Blanche Caron Brisebois
Second child of
Edda &Theophile Caron
Edgar Caron
Edgar Caron,
third child of Theophile
and Edda Caron.
Bertha Caron
Bertha Caron
Fourth child of Theophile
 & Edda Caron

edda & Theophile
Edda Gascon Caron
and Theophile Caron
Bouchette, Quebec

Edgar Caron
Edgar Caron
Third child of Edda
& Theophile Caron
Edgar Caron
john age 16
John (Jean Michel) Caron
Age 16  Son of Edgar Caron
Caron Sisters
Caron Sisters - 1986
Daughters of Edda and
Cabin Bouchette
The Caron Cabin
Cameron Lake, Bouchette, Quebec
circa 1930's
John Caron 2003
John Caron 2003
Blanche Caron Brisebois with (l-r) Francois,
Edward, Roland, Jeanette
(from Joyce Brisebois)
Davids Clan
David Caron Clan
(l-r) Jodi Armstrong, Olivia,
David and Spencer Caron

Leanne 2006 Election
Leanne Caron Piper  2006
Daughter of John Caron
Piper Clan - 2003
(l-r) Bryan, Craig,
Leanne Caron Piper,
Douglas, Brad and Lyndsay

Laurie Clan - 2003
(l-r) Kalvin Goyer, Laurie Caron,
 Justin Goyer, Shawna Smith,
Jaime Goyer

Created by Leanne Caron Piper
March 2007